Printing and accounting services


We know how important adveritising is to go a growing business.

We advise in choosing the best form of print advertising for your company. The introduction of even small solutions can make a great image benefit for the company and increase its prestige and recognition.

The attractive and unique company print is great advertisement.

We specialize in printing envelopes in all sizes, paper bags, promotional, offer and products catalogs as well as leaflets and information brochures.

As one of the few companies on the market, we print on every kind of envelopes, also with bubble wrap and on expanded envelopes.

We stand out because we can print the entire surface of the envelope up to the edge. We also provide professional correspondence services, including personalized printing and enveloping letter shipment.

The activity of Office4Business is the result of observing the needs and many years of experience in the outsourcing market. we approach client’s need related to pringint and advertising services, as well as full administrative, office and accounting services.

That is why our mission is to support every enterprise.


Office 4 Business


First of all, advertising. We follow the latest trends and advise in the selection of appropriate print advertising. We have many years of experience in printing: promotional, offers and product catalogs, leaflets, posters, notebooks, calendars, paper bags, and above all, envelopes with individual printing in all sizes and variants, e.g. white envelopes, brown eco, bubble envelopes, expanded or ColomPac(fully ecological equivalent protective bubble envelope). we print from the customer’s ready desing or we help iun creating and individual print design. We stand out with attention to every detail.

We also provide comprehensive support for advertising campaigns, from printing leaflets / informants / folder, through confectioning and enveloping, to distribution and colportage

  • Catalogs, folders, leaflets, posters, banners
  • Envelopes with a personalized print
  • Paper wrapping bags, eco bags
  • Bags with individual print
  • Distribution and colportage of correspondence/leaflets
  • And many more -> >Contact us
Office 4 Business


We have professional knowledge and machine facilities for handling serial correspondency and making personalized prints on envelopes or directly on a document from an entrusted address database.

  • Serial correspondency print
  • Personalization of documents, envelopes from the entrusted database of connections
  • Manual and automatic enveloping
  • Correspondency distribution and colportage
Office 4 Business


How can we help you?

We offer a number of services that will help you run your own business:

  • New company registration
  • Keeping accounting books (full accounting)
  • Keeping the revenue and expense ledger
  • Accounting for a recorded lump sum
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and equipment
  • Preparation of monthly settlements and tax returns
  • Preparation and sending of JPK files
  • Financial Statements
  • Settlements with ZUS
  • Keeping HR and payroll documentation
  • Conducting a personnel audit at the client’s
  • Handling correspondence (outgoing and incoming)
  • Handling e-mail correspondence
  • Making copies of entrusted documents
  • Enveloping
  • Running the calendar
  • Other services
Office 4 Business


Thanks to digitization, you can easily and permanently store and organize documents – especially HR. We will enable you to store your documents ensuring security and access to them at any time. You will no longer have a problem with the mounting mountain of binders that are flooding your office. We will also archive your documents.

  • Transferring data from paper documents to electronic media
  • Archiving of documents
  • Electronic employee files


If you are interested in our offer or have any questions, please contact us .

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